About Us

Allen graduated from The Pennsylvania State University in 1983 and relocated to Florida to pursue his career in Real Estate Lending. His first position was as a commercial loan officer with a small saving and loan in Miami. Two year later he joined Great Western Bank where he spent 10 years with them managing the state’s commercial lending division and several residential mortgage loan offices until Washington Mutual purchased Great Western in 1996. In 1996 Allen founded First Trust Mortgage a privately held mortgage planning firm. Allen’s passion is to help his clients and his referral partners integrate their mortgage into their long and short term financial plan while at the same time providing for more liquidity, use and control of their real estate equity. Allen debt management credentials Include the designation of Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS), Certified Mortgage Advisor (CMA), Cetified Liability Advisor (CLA) and The Equity Matrix Alliance (TEAM). In addition Allen educates financial advisors, attorneys, insurance professionals, accountants and realtors thru continuing education events. Allen is a contributing editor of On The Money Radio personal finance program on National Public Radio in Boynton Beach Florida. Allen recently became a faculty member of the National Istitue of Financial Education and formed the Education Institute of America in order to communicate his message of managing liabilities to create wealth to a larger audience which includes Seniors regarding Reverse Mortgage, Parents of Teenagers regarding College Funding Strategies and Baby Boomers regarding Alternative Retirement Planning to mention a few workshops.