“It is my pleasure to recommend Allen on both a personal and professional level. As a long time friend and colleague, Alan’s level of expertise in the mortgage industry is unparalleled. In this ever changing environment it is imperative that we refer our clients to a person whose knowledge has kept up with the drastic changes the mortgage industry has endured in recent times. But more importantly than procedural knowledge, Allen cares. He truly does. About each of his clients, about their present and their future needs. In my many years in the mortgage industry I have never met a professional who will strive to accomplish what is in the best interest of their client as he does.” Allen has always been a professional in the services he provides to his customers. He is an expert in his field and holds the utmost of integrity in all he does. I would recommend him to anyone I meet who might need his services. Sincerely, Abp. ++Alexander 954-465-0398”

“Allen is very knowledgable of the mortgage banking business. I have known Allen for 7 years in the business. I also know many of his business partners. He has helped my bank to place tough mortgages in the past.”

“The depth of resources, strength of knowledge and sheer capability that Allen brings to the table is unparalleled. He is simultaneously a broad stroke thinker who pays infinitessimal attention to detail; he is professional while not losing his capabillity to remain personable and finally, he cares about the outcome and remains personally involved throughout to insure that projects are carried through to completion. I could not recommend anyone higher.”

“It is hard to choose only three attributes to describe Allen Robinson. He is all of the above and more. He is always my first choice as a Mortgage Broker and Financial Planner. I have never been disappointed in his results and the most important attribute he has is that he genuinely cares about the person he is working for. It is good to know he treats my clients with the same care that I do. That’s why we work well together.”

“Allen Provides his clients and business partners honest advise in the best interest of the people he provides help.”

“Alan Robinson is a complete Mortgage Professional, one of most honest and knowledgeable persons I have had the pleasure of working with. Alan is always updating his knowledge of the mortgage business, making him a wealth of knowledge not only for his clients, but also for his pears. He is always my first choice when recommending a Mortgage Professional to my clients, as he always keeps the best interest of his clients at the forefront.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Allen since 2006 and from my 15+ years in the financial services industry he is one of a handful of select professionals that is a true student of the business. From operations to marketing, First Trust is a first-rate firm because of Allen’s passionate attention to detail and commitment to doing what’s right for his clients.”

“I have worked with Allen in the past and it always inspires me how knowledgeableand experienced he is in the Mortgage business. With so much going on today’s world of mortgages, it is a definite positive to have someone in your corner that you know “has your back”. I would not trust my mortgage business to anyone else!!!”

“I have recommended Allen’s services many times over the years I have known him. Some years ago I asked Allen to help produce a mortgage segment for a radio show I host and he did a terrific job, always well prepared and knowledgeable and extremely honest. This was at a time when the mortgage business was booming and many in his industry were taking short-cuts in their business. Allen never did so with anyone I recommended to him. Allen was always honest with all clients that I steered his way. Over the years, I have recommendaed many of my important clients to Allen and he has always been extremely professional and ethical. I continue to consider him the primary source for mortgage products and advice and would recommend him highly to this day. Allen is an outstanding mortgage professional and a person who does business the way it should be done. Professionally, ethically and competently.”

“Allen is a very knowledgeable straight forward business man. He cares and will go the extra mile. He has a bright smile that makes it a pleasure to work with him.”